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Personalize baby blankets with Jewish baby names

Give personalized baby blankets

Whether you are searching for the perfect baby gift or welcoming a new member of your own family, personalized baby blankets send a caring message. A blanket provides security to a young child in their developing years. It should stay in good condition and last through that time. OyToys' blankets are made of fine cotton and satin, high quality materials with textures baby will love to discover. Our blankets are sized at 30" x 30"; small enough for easy transport but still large enough to cover little ones. At OyToys we believe embroidery superior to screening: it won't fray, peel or flake off the blanket. We embroider names onto our blankets to ensure they will maintain a nice appearance.

Personalized Baby Blankets

Consider the advantages of personalized baby blankets. They are easy to identify with the embroidered name as well as the variety of colors we offer. Add something extra when making your selections; you may choose to include the birth date under the embroidered name for a small additional fee. As always, gift wrapping is available for this product.

Jewish baby names: English or Hebrew

Jewish Baby Names in English or Hebrew

OyToys helps you maintain tradition in your family. Our company is unique in that we have equipment that is capable of embroidering Jewish baby names in either English block or script lettering or Hebrew block lettering. We will write the name in the traditional way excepting you make a special request. We can accept all Jewish baby names; there is no charge for this service, just fax the name written in Hebrew how you would prefer it to appear.

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