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What Makes Someone a Jew? For Kids-Putting God on the Guest List Adam & Eve's First Sunset
Adam & Eve's First Sunset
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What Makes Someone a Jew? Reclaiming the Spiritual Meaning of Your Childs Bar or Bat Mitzvah This engaging new story from award-winning author Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
explores fear and hope, faith and gratitude in ways that will delight
kids and adults--inspiring us to bless each of God's new days and
God in Between God Said Amen In God's Name
God in Between
Our Price: $16.95
God Said Amen
Our Price: $16.95
In God's Name
Our Price: $16.95
This story teaches that God can be found where we are. A story about hearing the answers to our prayers Everyone and everything in the world has a name.  What is God's name?
For Heaven's Sake Cain & Abel - Finding the Fruits of Peace Sharing Blessings
For Heaven's Sake HB
Our Price: $16.95
Sharing Blessings HB
Our Price: $16.95
Sandy Eisenberg Sasso teaches that heaven can be found within ourselves and those we love.
What can the story of Cain & Abel mean for us and  for our children today? Children's Stories for Exploring the Spirit of the Jewish Holidays
In Our Image God's First Creatures Putting God on the Guest List, 3rd Ed. In God's Hands. a Story of God's miracle
In Our Image HB
Our Price: $16.95
In God's Hands HB
Our Price: $16.99
In Our Image God's First Creatures Helps families reclaim the spiritual meaning of their child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah by understanding the various aspects of the service and its part in the child's life.
In God's Hands
tells of the ordinary miracles that occur when we really, truly open our
eyes to the world around us, a charming tale to remind us all that our kindness works miracles..

Endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish Religious Leaders
The Kids Fun Book of Jewish Time A Prayer for the Earth: The Story of Naamah, Noah's Wife Jewish Family Fun Book
Jewish Family Fun Book PB
Our Price: $18.95
Jewish time turns into interactive educational fun! Noah's wife Naamah is called upon by God to gather the seeds of every type of plant on Earth and bring them safely onto the ark before the great flood.  The text is low-key, descriptive, and suitable for reading aloud to audiences in search of a gentle heroine; it will appeal to those who revere growing things and enjoy biblical tales. The watercolor art aptly conveys the mood and provides vivid splashes of greens, reds, oranges, and blues. The essential guide to Jewish family life and fun activities at home and on the road!
BUT GOD REMEMBERED New Jewish Baby Book, 2nd Edition
But God Remembered HB
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New Jewish Baby Book PB
Our Price: $19.99
Stories of Women from Creation to the Promised Land The New Jewish Baby Book Names, Ceremonies & Customs, A Guide for Today's Families