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Tuesday Tucks Me In HB 3 Felafels in My Pita BB Picture Book of Anne Frank PB Women Heroes of WW II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Resistance...
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Tuesday Tucks Me In: a Military Service Dog Takes Care of his Veteran Master 3 Felafels in My Pita, a counting board book about Israel Picture Book of Anne Frank, heroine of the Diary Women Heroes of WW II: 26 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Rescue and Resistance...
Tuesday is a retired military working dog who comes back to the states to take care of his master after service in Iraq.  From the Bow Wow Mews collection. Count the sights you'll see when visiting Israel in this engaging board book!  Begin with one cable car going up Masada, and finish with 10 children dancing the Hora.  And don't miss the 3 felafels in my pita!  Young children are sure to enjoy this colorful book and learn to count at the same time. A chronicle of the life of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, who kept a diary during her family's attempts to hide from the Nazis in the 1940s. Important dates in the life of Anne Frank and notes from the author are included. Age appropriate for 7-9 years old.
26 heroines, some Jewish, some not, who risked their lives through espionage, sabotage, resistance and rescue, to win the war.
Mitzvah Bouquet Alef is for Abba - PB Israel Wood Beads Kit Song of Songs Chamsah Print, from RaeAn Designs with Personalization Option
Available for download now
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Mitzvah Bouquet Craft Project Alef is for Abba...and for Ima! Israel Wood Bead Kit Song of Songs Chamsah, Framed
Free Download!  Directions and Mitzvah Star pattern.  Make a Mitzvah
Bouquet for Mother's Day or any other day!   A great craft project to do after reading Mitzvah
Magician, It's a...It's a...It's a Mitzvah or That's a Mitzvah.
Kids learn twenty Hebrew words that start with alef in this "flip book." From one side mom goes through a typical day with her little one doing all things that start with alef; flip! dad does the same. For ages 2-6. Newly Arrived!  A colorful wood bead assortment that includes and Israeli flag "charm" along with Chai and Magen David.  Can make three or more necklaces and/or bracelets.  Great Israel Day gift! Song of Songs Chamsah done in Hebrew micrography. A great wedding gift. Can be personalized - allow 2 extra weeks.
Shalom Rav-Israel Print Rosie the Riveter 140-piece Round Puzzle Blue Wooden Tzedakah Box with Stars Goldie Takes a Stand! - PB
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Shalom Rav in Hebrew Micrography We Can Do It! 140-piece Round Puzzle Blue Wooden Tzedakah Box with Stars Goldie Takes a Stand! a story of Golda Meir's early days

Shalom Rav is the prayer for peace sung as a regular part of the liturgy. Here, the hope for peace is superimposed symbolically over the map of Israel.
Allow 2 extra weeks for personalization. Not matted. Free shipping NOT AVAILABLE for this item.

The image of Rosie the Riveter reminds us of the contributions of women
labor, particularly during World War II.  They put their talents towards
building airplanes and ships, enabling America to go to war.
Custom-made for Oy Toys!  Three-inch cube wooden tzedakah box, blue with white and blue star decoration.  Perfect for a home tzedakah box or as a gift for preschool graduation! Even at the age of 9, Golda Meir demonstrated her leadership by organizing her friends to raise money to buy textbooks for immigrant classmates. Based on a true episode in the early life of Golda Meir. Ages 5-9. Featured at the Atlanta Jewish Book Festival.