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Backflip Frog Plastic Seder Plate Shira Detective - Chametz Detective! Child's Melamine Seder Plate
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Backflip Frog Vinyl Seder Plate Shira Detective - Chametz Detective!  A Passover Story Child's Melamine Seder Plate
One of our most popular Passover toys!  Wind-up backflip frog for Passover.

Wind it up and watch it flip back!

Best on a level surface.
9" Plastic Seder Plate Shira  enlists the help of her parents to detect and eliminate chametz in every
room of the house!  A kid-tested Passover story!
Have your children participate at the Seder with their very own seder plate!  Great for the "kids' table"!  Washable.
Seder Plate Round Puzzle Frog Apron Colorful Melamine Seder Plate If You Give a Frog a Piece of Matzah...HB
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List Price: $8.99
Our Price: $8.99
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Seder Plate Round Puzzle Frogs Everywhere Passover Apron Melamine 12" Seder Plate for Passover If You Give a Frog a Piece of Matzah...HB
140 piece puzzle that depicts an realistic, round, Passover Seder plate. The cook will be properly, if not humorously, dressed in this frog apron! Made of asturdy cotton fabric, it is well decorated with our favorite Passover plague. Frog collectors will love it! One size fits all. Melamine 12" Seder Plate, perfect for an extra or for travel.  Congregational seders, too! How do you teach a frog about the ten plagues? Give him some matzah! Children from 3 to 93 will be charmed by this beautifully illustrated, humorous book. More on order as of 3/31/2014
A Touch of Passover: A Touch and Feel Board Book Our Family Haggadah Gateways Passover Haggadah PB Frogs in the Bed PB
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Touch of Passover Our Family Haggadah by the Asher Family Gateways Haggadah for Families of All Abilities Frogs in the Bed: My Passover Seder Activity Book
Children will pat and prod their way through the symbols of the Passover Seder. The favorite Passover board book! A haggadah for Passover that will engage all the family members while
covering all the traditions.  Beautifully
illustrated by the Atlanta Asher family's children.
This haggadah is written to serve families with members of varied
abilities.  More than 70 photographs plus picture communication symbols  ensure that all
participants, no matter what their abilities, can participate fully in a
meaningful seder.
Begin with that most famousof songs, "the Frog Song". Then learn about the seder symbols, recite the Four Questions, and then do some fun Passover activities for lots of Passover fun and learning.