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Ten Plagues Vinyl Finger Puppets Colorful Disposable Seder Plate Walking Matzah Ball
Our Price: 12.99
Our Price: 3.99
Our Price: 3.49
Ten Plagues Vinyl Finger Puppets Tossable colorful seder plate! Walking Matzah Ball
New! Now in vinyl plastic, ten plagues finger puppets:  one puppet for each plague; one puppet for each finger. For one child or ten!  Ages 3+ Colorful seder plate of plastic and cardboard, perfect for the kid's table, model or community seders. Mr. Matzah Ball hops and jumps all over the table.  Will charm everyone!  Ages 3+
Can of Plagues Who Stole My Matzah Passover Bib Gateways Passover Haggadah PB
Our Price: 17.99
Our Price: 7.95
Our Price: 9.95
Can of 10 Plagues for Passover Who Stole My Matzah Bib for Passover Gateways Haggadah for Families of All Abilities
NEW!  Open the can and let out the plagues!  One toy for each plague come in a decorative can. Kosher for Passover baby's bib: no chametz crumbs!  Soft terry, embroidered. This haggadah is written to serve families with members of varied
abilities.  More than 70 photographs plus picture communication symbols  ensure that all
participants, no matter what their abilities, can participate fully in a
meaningful seder.
Froggy Hopscotch Backflip Frog Family and Frog! Haggadah
Our Price: 24.95
Our Price: 2.99
Our Price: 7.95
Froggy Hopscotch for Passover Fun Backflip Frog Family and Frog! Haggadah...Got Juice?
New for Passover!  Enjoy a game of hopscotch with the frogs!  Colorful foam pieces hook together like a puzzle for hours of fun, indoors or out! Wind it up and watch it flip back! Take the traditional Haggadah and add some frogs and you have a hoppin' good Passover!  Got grape juice?