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Rimon for Shira: Rosh Hashanah Story PB Who Feels Scared? Plush Shofar
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Rimon for Shira: Rosh Hashanah Story PB Who Feels Scared?  A Book to Help! Kid's Plush Shofar for Rosh Hashanah
After learning about the Rimon for Rosh Hashanah at school, Shira goes on a search for a rimon in the grocery store.  PB  For ages 4-7 Who Feels Scared? shows children that they can find ways to cope with their fears. Babies and toddlers will love having their own shofar, especially this soft one made of plush fabric.
Shira at the Temple, A Yom Kippur Story, PB Mini-Torah Hebrew RBG Workout Calendar 2019
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Shira at the Temple, a Yom Kippur Story 7.5" Hebrew Mini-Torah with Velveteen Cover RBG Workout Calendar for 2019
Shira goes to the Temple for Yom Kippur and prays to God using the Hebrew she knows: the alef bet. Based on the midrash. Ages4-7
7.5" Torah written in Hebrew.  Spindles are silvertone and the cover is gold printed velveteen paper.  The perfect Consecration gift.  Substitutes for KT-G225 Hebrew-English Mini Torah Exercise with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg using routines from her twice-weekly workouts and get into supreme shape!
Large Ram's Horn (Shofar) Mini Torah Cover - Custom Spider Craft Single
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Large Ram's Horn (Shofar) Custom Mini-Torah Cover Colorful Spider Craft
Blow a beautiful Tekkiah with this large shofar made of ram's horn.  
Beautifully polished.  The perfect gift for Rosh Hashanah.  17" long
Custom made cloth cover for mini-Torahs!
Make a colorful spider for your sukkah with this kit!