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Jewish Boy 6 pc Cookie Cutter Set Plush Torah 13" Baby Spoon with Stars of David
Medium Plush Torah - 12"
Our Price: $13.99
6-piece Jewish Boy Cookie Cutter Set, great for making cookies for a
Bris or Upsheren.  Shapes include alef, bet, and gimel, scissors and a
Children will learn to love the Torah with this soft cuddly version.  Great to march around with during Simchat Torah, Shabbat, and year 'round!  Ideal for classroom use as well.  Torahs are decorated with gold lame Ten Commandments tablets and crown.  All ages. Beautiful New Baby gift!
Sefer Habrachot Harishon Sheli (My First Prayer Book) Jerusalem Kiddush Cup
Press the buttons & hear the brachot being played...a perfect 1st prayer book for any Jewish child! Non-tarnish Jerusalem Kiddush Cup