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Kid's Plush Shofar for Rosh Hashanah Aleph-Bet Plush Ball Musical Plush Dreidel
Plush Shofar
Our Price: $5.19
Plush Dreidel
Our Price: $9.95
Babies and toddlers will love having their own shofar, especially this soft one made of plush fabric. Children will love playing with this velvety soft plush ball embroidered with aleph bet letters…and a delightful rattle! Colorful soft plush dreidel. The perfect gift for baby celebrating her/his first [or second] Hanukkah!
Plush Torah 13" Plush Musical Pull Beehive for Baby's Crib Large Plush Lulav and Etrog Set for Sukkot fun!
Medium Plush Torah - 12"
Our Price: $13.99
Musical Pull Beehive
Our Price: $16.99
Large Lulav and Etrog Set
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $19.95
You save $5.00!
Children will learn to love the Torah with this soft cuddly version.  Great to march around with during Simchat Torah, Shabbat, and year 'round!  Ideal for classroom use as well.  Torahs are decorated with gold lame Ten Commandments tablets and crown.  All ages. When baby pulls the bee, music plays from this plush beehive!  Decorated with ABC's, it is perfect for baby's crib or play pen. Sukkot fun from Oy Toys!    Kids will have hours of Sukkot fun playing with this lulav and etrog set:  soft, yet durable, in its own carrying case so it will last many seasons.  Adults will enjoy it too!
Pockets of Learning Noah Soft Playset Plush Shabbat Set ABC Animal Train
S.S. Noah Soft Playset
Our Price: $32.95
Plush Shabbat Set
Our Price: $34.99
The story of Noah comes to life in this hand-crafted playset by Pockets of Learning Children will have hours of pretend play with this colorful plush Shabbat set Unzip this 10-by-14-inch, bright turquoise, soft cloth book, and you'll find two animal-packed alphabet trains spanning both pages. Each train car is a pocket, and each pocket is embroidered with a letter of the alphabet. Inside the pockets you'll find friendly little pillow animals, each one marked with a letter of the alphabet: the pink elephant rides in the E car, and the green alligator rides in the A car. Your child will love taking the animals out of the pockets and stuffing them back in (a favorite toddler activity). You'll have fun teaching your child the names of the animals and letters, such as N for newt and X for xenops. When playtime is over, your toddler can zip the whole gang safely inside, grab the sturdy handle, and tote the little animals to their next destination
Children's Plush Rosh Hashanah Set
Plush Rosh Hashanah Set
Our Price: $37.99
All the Rosh Hashanah symbols, perfect to play with or to hug! Ages 2 and up