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Monsieur Marceau Concert in the Sand Tattered Prayer Book HB
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Monsieur Marceau A Concert in the Sand: the first philharmonic concert in Israel Tattered Prayer Book, the story of a beloved prayer book and the man who saved it
Marcel started entertaining when he was just a child in Strassbourg, France.   Marcel spent the war years saving children.  After the war, he never spoke of it again.  He became the world's most famous mime. When Uri is bored, he and Grandma go for a walk on the beach to an auditorium where they hear a wonderful concert...the first for the Israel Philharmonic. The Tattered Prayer Book is meant as a gentle introduction to the Holocaust for children ages 6-10. Ruthie discovers a secret about her father, while looking through a box of mementos from the old country.
Postcards from Israel Floor Puzzle Liesl's Ocean Rescue HB Large Smiling Ceramic Apple
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Postcards from Israel Floor Puzzle Liesl's Ocean Rescue, a child's story aboard the SS St. Louis Large Smiling Ceramic Apple
Colorful Israel puzzle includes 24 large pieces On board the SS St. Louis, fleeing Nazi German, Liesl plays the "little ambassador" and saves the day.   A true story. This large ceramic apple makes a great gift for Rosh Hashanah or your favorite teacher!
Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam Forged in Freedom IDF Dog Tag Neclace
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Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam, a Story of Peace Forged in Freedom: Shaping the Jewish American Experience IDF Dog Tag Necklace
Yaffa, Jewish, and Fatima, Muslim, are neighbors who share their different religions and their caring for each other and their dates. Learn about Jewish participation in the American experience in its many aspects, cultural and historical.
Celebrate Israel and her soldiers with this Israel Defense Forces Dog Tag necklace on stainless steel chain