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Pure Blackberry Honey Stick - 1 Blue Wooden Tzedakah Box with Stars Busy Bee Finger Puppets Busy Bee Stickers
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Pure Blackberry Honey Stick - 1 Blue Wooden Tzedakah Box with Stars Busy Bee Finger Puppets Colorful Busy Bee Stickers with Smiles
One (1) Pure Blackberry Honey Stick just in time for Rosh Hashanah! Share the sweetness of the New Year with friends and family! Certified Kosher
Custom-made for Oy Toys!  Three-inch cube wooden tzedakah box, blue with white and blue star decoration.  Perfect for a home tzedakah box or as a gift for preschool graduation! Busy Bee Finger Puppets. Keep kids buzzzzy with these bumblebee finger puppets. Fun for playtime, story time or party time, these Busy Bee Finger Puppets will quickly "bee" a favorite! Vinyl. 2 1/4".  Preschool teachers love these! Your busy bees will love these Busy Bee Stickers!  5/8" in diameter, in bright colors, these stickers are sure to be a hit for Rosh Hashanah or the beginning of school.  And don't miss the Busy Bee Finger Puppets and Bee Pencils!  48 stickers per page; 10 sheets per pack
Zane and the Hurricane HB Pomegranate Greeting Card from RaeAn Designs Large Plush Torah 16" Patchwork Torah PB
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Zane and the Hurricane: a Story of Surviving Hurricane Katrina Pomegranate Greeting Card Medium Plush Torah Patchwork Torah: saving Torahs damaged in the Holocaust and Hurricane Katrina
Zane is on a vacation in New Orleans, when Hurricane Katrina hit in all its fury. As if the storm wasn't scary enough, Zane and his dog Bandit are rescued from an attic and experience the good and the bad in the aftermath.
Single blank greeting card with  Pomegranates, the symbol of the 613
mitzvot. Done in Hebrew micrography, includes the Psalms 1-18  
Also comes in 8"x10" size.  Either can be framed.  Great gift for Rosh
Children will learn to love the Torah with this soft cuddly version.  Great to march around with during Simchat Torah, Shabbat, and year 'round!  Ideal for classroom use as well.  Torahs are decorated with gold lame Ten Commandments tablets and crown.  All ages. Josh rescues the Torah from his synagogue and brings it to his father,
David, the Sofer.  David says it is too damaged to use
and saves it in a closet...with several others.  David decides to use the good parts of all   in a new patchwork Torah.
Buzz on Bees HB Plastic Shofar Boy's Sports Tzedakah Box Busy Bee Eraser Pencil Toppers
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The Buzz on Bees, the story of disappearing bees Shofar Toy Boy's Sports Tzedakah Box Busy Bee Eraser Pencil Toppers
Learn what is happening to the bee population around the country and why
it is important.  Gives some answers and what kids can do to help. A great companion book to What's the
Buzz and Bee Finger Puppets!  Beautiful photographs.  Ages 5-8
Children will love to prepare for the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah with these fun toy shofars that really work! Assorted colors imprinted with the Hebrew words, Shana Tova Tikateivu, May you be inscribed for a good year. Sound is similar to party horn. Size: 9 1/4"

Perfect gift for a new baby, Bar Mitzvah, or any special occasion!!! Busy Bee Eraser Pencil Toppers. Add these to your rubber Busy Bee Eraser Pencil Toppers to enjoy spring even when youre indoors! An unBEElievably fun way for kids to ornament their pencils, these 1 1/4" erasers are sure to be a welcome surprise at birthday parties or as a small spring reward during classroom activities and lessons. Sold singly. 1 1/4"