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Haym Salomon My Sister's Eyes Israel Flag w/Stand - 4x6
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Haym Salomon, Liberty's Son My Sister's Eyes: a Family Chronicle of Rescue and Loss during WWII Israel Flag w/Stand - 4x6
Haym Salomon was the first Jewish American patriot, a merchant who raised the money to finance the American Revolution. The story of a victorious flight to freedom for one family fleeing Poland. Miniature Israeli flag with a separate plastic stand.  Perfect for Yom Ha'atzmaut.
Tattered Prayer Book HB Greatest Ten Bicycle Spy HB
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Tattered Prayer Book, the story of a beloved prayer book and the man who saved it The Greatest Ten, a book about the Ten Commandments Bicycle Spy by Yona Z McDonald
The Tattered Prayer Book is meant as a gentle introduction to the Holocaust for children ages 6-10. Ruthie discovers a secret about her father, while looking through a box of mementos from the old country. Colorfully written in rhyme that can be sung to "This Old Man," The Greatest Ten is a fresh telling of the Ten Commandments. Its bright illustrations will delight all! Ages 4+ Marcel delivers
bread...and secret messages for the resistance during WWII.
Autograph Pillow: Sports Pillow Case Monsieur Marceau Concert in the Sand
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Sports Pillow Case Monsieur Marceau A Concert in the Sand: the first philharmonic concert in Israel
A perfect pillowcase for any child going to summer camp or even camping at home!!!  Comes w/autograph pen so they can remember their special friends!

Sold separately or as part of our "Cool Camp Care Package" collection.
Marcel started entertaining when he was just a child in Strassbourg, France.   Marcel spent the war years saving children.  After the war, he never spoke of it again.  He became the world's most famous mime. When Uri is bored, he and Grandma go for a walk on the beach to an auditorium where they hear a wonderful concert...the first for the Israel Philharmonic.