Tell and Kvell, a game to connect family and friends through storytelling Frog Coloring Book for Adults - 25 Designs! Shira Detective - Chametz Detective!  A Passover Story
Tell n Kvell Game
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Frog Coloring Book
Our Price: $7.99
Draw a card and stories, hopes, goals, memories and more.  A great game to foster inter-generational conversations or to break the ice at an organizational meeting.  "Getting to know you?"  Use Tell and Kvell!  Get this and other great games at Oy Toys!  Free shipping on orders over $60. Relax and enjoy your creative streak with this frog coloring book.  The 25 designs have a range of skills, so they can be shared with your younger frog enthusiasts! Shira  enlists the help of her parents to detect and eliminate chametz in every
room of the house!  A kid-tested Passover story!
Frog Reusable Ice Cubes Baby Loves Angular Momentum on Hanukkah! Stylized RBG Kippah for Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fans!
Frog Reusable Ice Cubes
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RBG Kippah
Our Price: $12.95
Your Passover drinks will be the hit of the seder with these reusable star ice cubes. Just freeze and use! Comes in a pack of 20 in assorted shades of green and white.  Makes a great hostess gift.  What a hoot! Baby learns that there is science behind everything she/he loves, even spinning a dreidel on Hanukkah! Be a RBG fashionista in this stylized RBG kippah!  Cotton fabric, washable.
An Extra Seat by Shmuel Herzfeld If You Give a Frog a Piece of Matzah...HB Matzah Apron
Extra Seat
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Matzah Apron
Our Price: $15.99
Children learn a lesson about how much effect even they, as children, have when they protest for a cause.  You'll set an extra seat at your table after you read this book.  Ages 7 - 100. How do you teach a frog about the ten plagues? Give him some matzah! For children from 3 to 93.
Festive apron in matzah motif for the Pesach season...or all year long! A great hostess gift. Pair with matzah pot holders or mitts. Just the right size for adults! Cotton and fully washable.