Tell and Kvell, a game to connect family and friends through storytelling Hogwarts Haggadah:  Passover and Harry Potter intersect for a great new haggadah! Shira's Purim Pal, by Galia Sabbag
Tell n Kvell Game
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Hogwarts Haggadah
Our Price: $18.00
Shira's Purim Pal
Our Price: $12.95
Draw a card and stories, hopes, goals, memories and more.  A great game to foster inter-generational conversations or to break the ice at an organizational meeting.  "Getting to know you?"  Use Tell and Kvell!  Get this and other great games at Oy Toys!  Free shipping on orders over $60. Take a look at the traditional Passover seder through the lens of Harry Potter and friends!  This haggadah will add interest for Harry Potter fans of all ages.  Make your seder more lively with Hogwarts Haggadah! Shira makes a beautiful Purim basket for her secret "Purim Pal," but  who will be Shira's secret pal?  Learn about the Jewish holiday of Purim with Shira. Ages 4-7
Purim/Esther, Framed Queen Vashti's Comfy Pants: an new twist on the Purim story! Metal Purim Cookie Cutters
Queen Vashtis Comfy Pants
Our Price: $17.95
Purim/Esther done in Hebrew micrography. A great Bar/Bat Mitzvah/Purim gift. Can be personalized - allow 2 extra weeks for personalization. Queen Vashti of Purim story fame has had enough of the king's demands.  So when he orders her to come and entertain him and his guests, she says a big NO!  A story of courage and defiance...and comfy pants!  Ages 5-8 Make Your Own Purim Cookies!
Superhero Haggadah: a real haggadah with wisdom and stories from the Marvel movies. Purim is Coming!  a delightful board book for toddlers Gold Craft Crowns - pack of 24
Superhero Haggadah
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Purim is Coming
Our Price: $7.99
A complete haggadah woven together with stories and wisdom from 23 Marvel movies.  A special treasure, a great gift for Passover! A family and their adorable dog celebrate the kid-friendly holiday of Purim with its megillah reading, parade, cookie baking, and carnival. A great introduction to the Jewish holiday of Purim for ages 0-4 24 gold craft crowns: Ready to decorate with markers, paint and stickers!  For ages 3+