Alef Bet Ruler Blue and White Shabbat and Holiday Candles Aleph Bet or Torah Notebook for little notes!
Alef Bet Ruler
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Blue and White Shabbat Candles
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Colorful alef bet ruler for home or school.  A great back-to-school gift! The blue and white 8" hand-dipped candles will add beauty to your Shabbat and holiday tables.  They make an excellent hostess gift for any occasion! Spiral bound note pads 3" x 5" with 88 pages of lined paper.  Each note pad also has some pages of interesting/helpful information.  A great back-to-school gift!
Bartali's Bicycle: the True story of Gino Bartali, Italy's Secret Hero Thank You, Mr. Falker - a story about a great teacher Blue and White Flat Beeswax Havdalah Candle
Bartali's Bicycle
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Thank You, Mr. Falker
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Blue and White Havdalah Candle
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Italy's Tour de France winner took on a new race during WWII:  the race to save Jewish lives.  Through this book, his secret is now told:  He was the secret "savior" for over 800 Jews and others.  Learn about this remarkable secret hero from the book A great story for struggling children [with or without dyslexia] and a thank you to
great teachers.
Celebrate the end of Shabbat and holidays with this classic blue and white flat beeswax candle.  This lovely candle will last for several weeks of celebrations!  A great hostess gift.
Premium Frosted White Shabbat Candles Tell and Kvell, a game to connect family and friends through storytelling Sisters Z, the story fo Zelophehad's daughters
White Shabbat Candles
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Tell n Kvell Game
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Sisters Z
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Hand crafted and decorated with a white on white coating, these candles will welcome Shabbat into your home with warmth and grace. A perfect hostess gift any time! Draw a card and stories, hopes, goals, memories and more.  A great game to foster inter-generational conversations or to break the ice at an organizational meeting.  "Getting to know you?"  Use Tell and Kvell!  Get this and other great games at Oy Toys!  Free shipping on orders over $60. Meet five brave women who set the stage for women's rights!  The orphaned daughters of Zelophehad stood up and asked for property rights when there was no father to get land for them.  A great story for our times.