Thank You, Mr. Falker - a story about a great teacher Bartali's Bicycle: the True story of Gino Bartali, Italy's Secret Hero Blue and White Shabbat and Holiday Candles
Thank You, Mr. Falker
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Bartali's Bicycle
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Blue and White Shabbat Candles
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A great story for struggling children [with or without dyslexia] and a thank you to
great teachers.
Italy's Tour de France winner took on a new race during WWII:  the race to save Jewish lives.  Through this book, his secret is now told:  He was the secret "savior" for over 800 Jews and others.  Learn about this remarkable secret hero from the book The blue and white 8" hand-dipped candles will add beauty to your Shabbat and holiday tables.  They make an excellent hostess gift for any occasion!
Jerusalem Drawn and Quartered by Sarah Tuttle-Singer Volodomir Zelensky Action Figure, limited edition Israel Bear with Israeli Flag!
Zelensky Action Figure
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Israel Bear
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Take a year's journey as Sarah meets the diverse people of Jerusalem. This 6" statue of Volodymyr Zelensky represents him perfectly!  Dressed in his "greens," he has moving arms and legs for action imaginations!  Get yours at Oy Toys.  Limited quantities available. Dashing white plush teddy bear with blue scarf and an Israel flag! Great for Yom Ha'atsmaut or any day to celebrate Israel pride! Ages 4+
Sisters Z, the story fo Zelophehad's daughters Alef Bet Ruler Premium Frosted White Shabbat Candles
Sisters Z
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Alef Bet Ruler
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White Shabbat Candles
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Meet five brave women who set the stage for women's rights!  The orphaned daughters of Zelophehad stood up and asked for property rights when there was no father to get land for them.  A great story for our times. Colorful alef bet ruler for home or school.  A great back-to-school gift! Hand crafted and decorated with a white on white coating, these candles will welcome Shabbat into your home with warmth and grace. A perfect hostess gift any time!