Pockets of Learning Jewish Holiday Book Aleph Bet Hebrew Reading Wheel Executive Jewish Calendar 5784, a calendar for busy adults!
Aleph Bet Reading Wheel
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Fun way to introduce children to the Jewish Holidays and their meanings This aleph bet wheel is the perfect size for kids to use to practice reading their aleph bet and vowel combinations.  Spin the wheel for new combinations to practice!  Great for students, parents, and tutors. I can have my very own calendar that is just right for me, with room for appointments and reminders, plus Jewish holidays and more.
Blue and White Flat Beeswax Havdalah Candle Mini Jewish Calendar 5784 Israel Bear with Israeli Flag!
Blue and White Havdalah Candle
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Israel Bear
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Celebrate the end of Shabbat and holidays with this classic blue and white flat beeswax candle.  This lovely candle will last for several weeks of celebrations!  A great hostess gift. This check-book sized 13-month Jewish calendar is just right for purse or pocket with room for appointments and reminders.  The perfect item to give teachers and staff for start of year supplies. Dashing white plush teddy bear with blue scarf and an Israel flag! Great for Yom Ha'atsmaut or any day to celebrate Israel pride! Ages 4+
Tell and Kvell, a game to connect family and friends through storytelling Veoloymyr Zelensky, Unlikely Hero of Ukraine by Mari Bolte Volodomir Zelensky Action Figure, limited edition
Tell n Kvell Game
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Volodymyr Zelensky
Our Price: $11.79
Zelensky Action Figure
Our Price: $22.95
Draw a card and tell...family stories, hopes, goals, memories and more.  A great game to foster inter-generational conversations or to break the ice at an organizational meeting.  "Getting to know you?"  Use Tell and Kvell!  Get this and other great games at Oy Toys!  Free shipping on orders over $60. Actor/comedian turned politician turned statesman, Zelensky has led the Ukraine fearlessly.  Learn more about this unlikely hero is this compact biography for kids!  And don't miss the action figure, also! This 6" statue of Volodymyr Zelensky represents him perfectly!  Dressed in his "greens," he has moving arms and legs for action imaginations!  Get yours at Oy Toys.  Limited quantities available.