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Story of Elijah, a Bible  story for children Story of Daniel and the Lions, as child's Bible story Story of Noah and the Rainbow, a child's Bible story
Story of Elijah
Our Price: $4.95
God sends his prophet, Elijah, to warn that there will be no rain until the people repent.  A Bible story for children. A simple retelling of how Daniel was thrown into a pit full of lions as a punishment for not praying to King Darius. Old Noah builds a boat in the desert, risking his reputation.  But when the flood came, he was ready to save the animals.  A children's Bible story.
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, a children's Bible story Story of Samson and his Great Strength, a child's Bible story The Story of Joseph and a Dream Come True, a child's Bible story
God protects three young Israelite boys continue to observe God's laws, even after capture in Babylon.  A child's Bible story. Delilah tries to discover the true source of Samson's strength. When he reveals his secret, she betrays him to the Philistines. A child's Bible story. Joseph's brothers sell him to the traders because they were angry about his dreams, not knowing they would meet again in Egypt.  A child's Bible story.
The Story of Jonah and the Big Fish B'reishit:  In the Beginning Moses in the Bullrushes Puzzle, 24 extra-large pieces
In the Beginning
Our Price: $10.95
Young children will be engaged with this story of Jonah and the big fish!  Great  for Sunday or Vacation Bible School. A great introduction to the Creation story in English and Hebrew. Beautifully illustrated. Includes a glossary! A great gift as a child begins his study of Torah, particularly if this is her/his parsha!
Puzzle depicting the Bible story of Moses in the bullrushes.  24
extra-large pieces, 2 ft x 3 ft when completed.  Ages 3 and up.
I am the Tree of Life: My Jewish Yoga Book Sefer Habrachot Harishon Sheli (My First Prayer Book)
Take a deep breath, exhale slowly.  Feel the stories of the Bible come
to life within you.  Children will learn the "feel" of the Bible stories
and their messages through yoga movements.  Ages 5-8
Press the buttons & hear the brachot being played...a perfect 1st prayer book for any Jewish child!