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Dreidel Cat Toy Lox the Fish Jewish Cat Toy Mouse Cat Toy
Cat Toy - Dreidel
Our Price: $5.95
Cat Toy - Lox the Fish
Our Price: $5.95
Celebrate Hanukah with your cat! Jewish Cat Toy - Lox, the Fish Trayf, the Mouse - Jewish Cat Toy by Chewish Treats
Cat Gelt Toy Dog Toy - Mini Plush Kosher Bone Dog and Cat Hanukah Gelt
This small stuffed Hanukkah gelt comes filled with heavenly delicious catnip. the attached bell will let you know your cat is having fun!
The perfect gift for the Jewish family dog! Hanukah Gelt for Dogs and Cats as seen on The Today Show!
Jewish Dog Bagel Jewish Dog - Pig Toy Jewish Dog Toy - Jewish Star
Dog Toy - Trayf the Pig
Our Price: $7.95
Dog Toy - Jewish Star
Our Price: $7.95
Plush Bagel and Cream Cheese for your favorite Jewish dog Trayf the Pig - a squeaky plush toy for your favorite Jewish dog Plush Jewish Star - a Chewish Treat for the Jewish dog in your life
Bark Mitzvah Pen Dog Toy Moyel Dog Toy Zaftig Hippo Dog Toy
Dog Toy - Zaftig Hippo
Our Price: $7.95
What dog wouldn't want a plush pen for his/her bark mitzvah? Perfect gift for the new brother! Zaftig plush dog toy for that hefty dog!
Mensch Dog Toy Tsimmes Dog Toy Schmutz the Octopus
Dog Toy - Mensch
Our Price: $7.95
Dog Toy - Tsimmes
Our Price: $7.95
The mensch dog toy for that well-behaved dog Tsimmes Dog Toy for that delicious Jewish cooking! Shmutz the Octopus will be enjoyed by all dogs
Yenta Dog Toy Dog Toy - Lox Fish Dog Gelt
Dog Toy - Yenta
Our Price: $7.95
Dog Toy - Lox Fish
Our Price: $7.95
Dog Gelt - Medium 5"
Our Price: $7.95
The perfect toy for your precious "little yenta!" Your dog will love Lox the fish!
Tuchis Donkey Dog Toy Shpilkes the Ant Dog Toy Jewish Pet Toy - Schnoz the Anteater
Your dog will love Tuchis tge Donkey! Shpilkes the Ant - Great dog toy! Your dog will love Schnoz the Anteater!
Dog Toy - Nosh the Goat Meshugeneh Monkey Jewish Dog Toy - Schmaltz
Dog Toy - Nosh the Goat
Our Price: $7.95
Dog Toy - Schmaltz
Our Price: $7.95
Nosh the Goat - For dogs, cats, and their human friends.  Great gift for a Jewish pet! Meshugeneh Monkey for your meshuggah dog! Perfect gift for a Jewish dog!
Ganef the Racoon Dog Toy - Macher Dog Toy - Alter Kaker
Dog Toy - Macher
Our Price: $7.95
Dog Toy - Alter Kaker
Our Price: $7.95
Jewish pet toy Dog Toy - Macher Dog Toy - Alter Kaker
Dog Toy - Bat Mitzvah Jewish Dog Kosher Bone Jewish Dog Plush Dreidel
Dog Toy - Bat Mitzvah
Our Price: $7.95
Dog Toy - Plush Dreidel
Our Price: $8.49
Dog Toy - Bat Mitzvah The perfect gift for the Jewish family dog, a kosher doggy bone! Squeaky Plush Dreidel is a great Hannukah gift for dogs.
Menorah Dog Toy Baa Mitzvah Lamb Schlep the Camel
Dog Toy - Plush Menorah
Our Price: $8.49
Colorful Hanukah menorah dog toy! A wonderful gift to celebrate a dog's Baa Mitzvah! Your dog will love this Shlep the Camel toy!
Dog Toy - Megillah  Dinosaur Dog Toy - Kvetch Crab Dog Toy - Shayna Punin - Panda
Dog Toy - Kvetch Crab
Our Price: $9.50

Your pet will love this bright new toy.

Squeaker inside.

Size 5 x 8.5 inch.
Kvetch the Crab will humor doggy with its squeaker and humans too! NEW!

Give this "sweet face" to your sweet face
Squeaker inside.

Size 7 x 6 inch.
Dog Gelt Dog Toy - Kosher Cow Dog Toy - Schtinker - Skunk
Dog Gelt - Large 8"
Our Price: $9.95
Dog Toy - Kosher Cow
Our Price: $9.99

Surprise your favorite friend with some farm fresh "Chewish Treats", a gift any pet is sure to love.

The cow exclaims "Oy Vey" whenever it is turned about.

Rubber squeaker secured in interior.

Dimensions:7.5  x 11

Give this Schtinker to your favorite smelly four-legged friend.

Rubber Squeaker inside

24" long x 7
Maccabees Board Game
Maccabees Game
Our Price: $24.99
Lead a band of Maccabees and acquire enough oil to light the new eight-stemmed menorah called a Chanukiah. But beware there are still remnants of the Seleucid Empires army roaming the lands trying to thwart your efforts. Ages 8 and up. Featured at the Atlanta Jewish Book Festival